Graphic Video: Vera gets pins removed

We don’t recommend you watch this video while you’re
eating or in any way squeamish. Not that the content is horrific,
but we can see how some people might be grossed out by it, so if
you click play, you do so knowing that you’ve been fully
warned that what you’re about to watch might gross you

We’re not sure when Brandon Vera broke his thumb since he
wasn’t suspended for the injury following his UFC 164 loss to
Ben Rothwell, but “The Truth” went to the
doctor’s office today to have the pins removed, and thought
he would share the video with everyone.

If you’re not a big fan of watching small pieces of metal
be wiggled out of another human being’s thumb, you’re
probably going to want to just move on to something else.

If you’re intrigued – or just inexplicably curious
– press play, but don’t come looking for us if you get
feeling a little queasy.

We warned you.