GSP UFC 167 pre-fight interview

“I am the best in the world, I believe it,” states
Georges St-Pierre and adds, “and, I’m going to prove it
again to everybody.”

What more do people need to know?!

November 16th at UFC 167
, the undisputed UFC welterweight
champion aims to defend his – most definitely, his – belt for a 9th
consecutive time against knockout artist Johny “Bigg
Rigg” Hendricks. Also, St-Pierre will be looking for his 19th
win inside the Octagon, which will be a UFC record. So, when the 32
year old from Montreal says he’s the “best”,
it’s almost impossible to argue.

“I’m very excited in fighting Johny
Hendricks,” asserts St-Pierre. “He’s the #1 guy
right now. A lot of people believe he has the style to beat me. But
I’m better than him everywhere, I believe that. I can wrestle
him. I can over power him, if I want to. I’m not scared of
him. I respect his power, but I’m not afraid of it. People
don’t realize I’m the best at not getting hit and not
getting damaged. I can take a punch. I will put his chin, his
wrestling, and his jiu-jitsu to the test.”

With a cavalcade of clips of “Rush” doing sprints
and sparring drills to some of St-Pierre’s in-cage highlights
of his picture perfect spinning back kicks, the champ as well as
UFC commentator Joe Rogan lay it on thick reminding fight fans how
talented the most famous member of the roster is. “Georges
St-Pierre has worked incredibly hard to become one of the greatest
pound-for-pound fighters in the history of the sport and the
greatest welterweight champion in the history of Mixed Martial
Arts,” affirms Rogan who has a penchant for hyperbole, but in
this case he’s incredibly spot-on about the 24-2

In the end, St-Pierre sums up the latest defense of a title
he’s held with an unshakable rule for the past 6 years with
appropriate aplomb. “I think I’m going to win, he
thinks he’s going to win,” says arguably the most
dominant champ the UFC has ever known and adds, “We’re
going to clash and find out.”