“The Answer” needs a career reviving win

Three consecutive title fights. Three straight loses.

Dropping back-to-back-to-back fights in the UFC generally leads
to the unemployment line, but former UFC Lightweight champion
Frankie Edgar is obviously an exception given that his loses were
all to current champions. This is exactly why Edgar finds himself
precarious situation when he makes his way to the Octagon at UFC

Frankie doesn’t come off as the kind of guy who is content to
simply be a high-level gatekeeper, so his fight with Charles
Oliveira has some serious implications for the future of his UFC
career. If Edgar comes out guns blazing and demolishes Oliveira,
what does that mean for him? Back to title contention against a man
he was defeated by not even five months ago? It’s not like he’s
better off jumping back up to 155lbs, as the UFC Lightweight champ
Benson Henderson was responsible for two of those last three loses
as well.

“The Answer” clearly can still hang with the big boys and would
give Aldo or Henderson fits on any given day, but much like Urijah
Faber, after multiple failed attempts to win back the strap he has
to do even more than before to secure another shot. Oliveira, who
is no slouch in his own right, is a good test for Edgar before
jumping back in with the sharks at 145lbs.  

Edgar’s career hangs in a delicate balance going into UFC 162,
but it seems as though he’s keeping his eye on the ball and
respecting the skills that Oliveira brings to the table. 

One way or another, let’s just hope that Edgar doesn’t end up
being part of a controversial decision again. Unless it ends up
resulting in a fight that even remotely resembles Edgar vs Maynard
III. That fight was AWESOME.

Oh, I can watch the full fight right here on this very page?


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