Mayweather squashes beef with Silva

In the aftermath of his
record-shattering money haul, boxing champ
Floyd Mayweather is in a great mood. That much is a clear after
a Wednesday interview with DJ Sway Calloway on
SiriusXM Radio

Mayweather, who’s had an ongoing war of words with former
UFC champion Anderson Silva, seemed to call a truce to the action
when asked about
Silva’s recent comments about the lack
of respect between the two sides.

“I pray for him. He’s OK,” he said. “I
don’t have nothing negative to say about the guy Anderson
Silva. I’ve seen some highlights on him. I don’t know
him personally, but I’ve seen highlights of him fight, and
hopefully he can bounce back. I heard he just took an
‘L,’ so hopefully he can bounce back from that

Mayweather is of course referring to Silva’s knockout
loss at the hands of Chris Weidman, which he’ll try to avenge
UFC 168 on Dec. 28.

In the leadup to his fight with Saul “Canelo”
Alvarez, Mayweather downplayed Silva’s accomplishments,
saying they didn’t compare to his 45-fight, 17-year
undefeated career. In response, Silva called him a
“smurf” who talked too much.

With Mayweather’s most recent thoughts supporting Silva
now in the public, maybe the two greats can finally get along.