EA reveals new UFC gameplay footage

Today at
Gamescom, EA Sports revealed another layer of
gameplay from the visually amazing EA SPORTS UFC game set to hit
the market in Spring 2014. 

The new UFC title will be powered by
technology. The game’s creative director, Brian Hayes
say’s EA’s mission in creating this game is to truly allow fans to
feel what it’s like for fighters to be battling in the

“We’re going to make players feel the fight with the most
realistic looking fighters ever created using facial animation to
communicate intensity, emotion and awareness; a Real Time Exertion
system that causes changes in skin coloration, vascularity and
muscle tension; a Full Body Deformation that shows the strength of
every submission and the impact of every strike; and Realistic
Damage visuals that will make the user wince – just like you
do in real life when you see the result of some UFC fights.”

Here is the official EA SPORTS UFC game trailer that was
released in June 2013.