Dodson wins by KO again

Following a tough loss in his last fight for the UFC flyweight
title, John Dodson bounced back in perfect form
with a stunning first round knockout over top
prospect Darrell Montague to kick off the UFC 166 pay-per-view.

Quite possibly the fastest fighter in the UFC, Dodson was once
again quick on his feet beating Montague to the punch each and
every time the two fighters decided to exchange strikes.

Dodson launched a huge hook at Montague’s head early in the
round, sending his opponent reeling back towards the cage. Dodson
swarmed with punches but Montague was able to grab a leg and find
enough time to recover.

It was short lived new life, however, as Dodson wasn’t done with
his attack just yet. A counter left hand landed flush on Montague’s
jaw just a few moments later, and as his legs fell out from him the
UFC newcomer literally face planted on the canvas.

The end came at 4:13 of the first round as Montague was so
disoriented he actually attempted to take down the referee while
trying to get his bearings back.

Dodson (15-6) gets back in the winner’s circle while handing
Montague (13-3) a defeat in his first UFC fight. With another
knockout to his credit, Dodson will also inject himself back into
title contender territory while possibly targeting the winner of
the upcoming flyweight title fight between Demetrious Johnson and
Joseph Benavidez.