Cormier not a fan of Nelson



target="_blank">UFC 166 fight week and we’ve got a stacked

show to get ready for the event with co-main eventers Daniel

Cormier and Roy Nelson joining us as well as flyweight contender

John Dodson stopping by as well.


target="_blank">Cormier and


target="_blank">Nelson certainly don’t have any love lost for

each other, and during our interviews with them we will explore

that mutual disdain. Nelson will react to Cormier’s request that he

shave down his beard ahead of their fight. Meanwhile, Cormier will

happily explain why it’s not okay for Nelson to look like a casting

extra from Duck Dynasty while fighting professionally in the


Also on the show, John Dodson explains what it’s like to come so

close to winning a title in the UFC, but coming up just short. He

also tells why his motivation is more about getting a rematch with

Demetrious Johnson right now than fighting for the belt again.

Finally, the debate topics on today’s show cover the entire

gambit of UFC 166: Velasquez vs. Dos Santos 3. Who comes out on top

in the main event and is this the greatest rivalry in heavyweight

history? Plus we give our picks and predictions on the entire main

card as well as discuss who is in the biggest must win situation on

Saturday night.


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