Koscheck leaning toward retirement?

Josh Koscheck fell to defeat for the third consecutive time in a
on Saturday night at UFC 167, and for the
second time in a row due to a knockout.

As customary in most post-fight situations, Koscheck quietly
left the Octagon without saying much of anything to anybody and
didn’t appear at the UFC 167 post-fight press conference. Following
his exit from the arena, however, Koscheck did take time to send
UFC president Dana White a rather lengthy text message to let him
know how he was feeling after the knockout loss to Tyron

According to White, the text message sounded like Koscheck was
leaning towards retirement from the sport after his most recent
loss, but obviously he’s not closing the door on any possibility
until the former
Ultimate Fighter season one alum makes his own

“Josh sent me a huge text and his text sounded a little bit like
retirement,” White revealed when speaking to reporters after the
press conference ended. “Which I don’t ever mess with guys when it
comes to retirement, but it might be a little premature for Josh,
too. I still think Josh is one of the most talented guys out there.
He fought a beast who was ready to go tonight. Josh hurt him
tonight, and I love Koscheck. I love that kid. I love the way he
fights, I love his attitude, guy gets booed out of the arena every
time he comes in, but he still goes in and fights his ass off.

“When you’re standing in the Octagon and you’re looking across
and Josh is standing there, you know you’re in for a fight.”

Koscheck has been a perennial top ten welterweight for the
biggest part of his career and has battled for the championship in
the past as well.
His recent losing streak has left Koscheck
well outside of the top ranked fighters at 170 pounds, but given
his history with the company and standing with the UFC president
he’ll be allowed to make a decision about his future when he’s

“I’ve got to talk to him to see if that was a retirement text he
was sending me,” White said. “Listen, people are going to say what
they’re going to say — I’ve got a soft spot for the (Ultimate
Fighter) season one guys.”