Condit KO’s DHK with flying knee

Remember when we said that Carlos Condit should
watch out for the brutal knee strikes of Martin

Well, ‘The Hitman’ isn’t the only guy with heavy knees in this

Enter Kampmann’s opponent at UFC Fight Night, Carlos Condit, who
also happens to be a big fan of launching knees in the general
direction of faces.

In this fight, Condit’s full arsenal is on display as ‘The
Natural Born Killer” kept DHK on his toes with a varied assault of
punches, kicks and offensive guard work.

It’s the unpredictability of Condit that is ultimately the
undoing of DHK, as Condit fired off a flying knee that sent him
crumbling to the canvas.

Carlos Condit and Martin Kampmann are both finishers by nature
and odds are we’re going to be awarded another one in the main
event of
UFC Fight Night: Condit vs Kampmann II on
Wednesday, August 28th on
Sports 1