Chuck Liddell spin kicks US soldier

Consider “The Iceman” retired, but still

An enormous “thank you!!” must go out to the brave
member of the United States military on the receiving end of UFC
Hall of Famer Chuck Liddell’s foot to his gut and to FOX
Sports’ Megan Olivi distributing her historic recording via
social media.

On this day, former UFC light-heavyweight champion Chuck
Liddell, 43(!?!), dished out a seemingly asked for spinning heel
kick to the tummy to a lucky soldier at Fort Campbell in Kentucky
while doing some good natured photo ops in the lead up to Fight for
the Troops: Kennedy vs. Natal on Wednesday live on FOX Sports

Clad in jeans and tennis shoes instead of his trademark blue
board shorts and UFC gloves, Liddell still looks light on his feet
with plenty of striking power as the Vice President of Business
Development within the UFC instead of as a prizefighter within the
UFC’s Octagon. Is this what a typical day for the “VP
of Biz Development” looks like? Regardless, someone or Olivi
herself needs to film all of Liddell’s office hours for more
action like this.

As for Liddell’s technique? We’ll leave that up to
the experts and, if Youtube has proven anything, of all people
that’s UFC commentator Joe Rogan. The professional comedian
grew up competing in taekwondo and is actually incredible at the
turning side kicks, which has been
seen in Rogan
demonstrating it for UFC welterweight champ Georges St-Pierre

and former UFC fighter and K-1 kickboxer Duane “Bang”