Liddell guest stars on ‘Bones’

“The Iceman” and “Bones.” To mixed
martial arts fans, it sounds like a fantasy matchup between two of
the UFC’s all-time most dominant light-heavyweights, but in
the real world, it’s a pairing of a Hall Of Famer and a
popular television drama.

The match seems like a natural fit. Chuck Liddell earned his
“Iceman” nickname for his cold demeanor in putting his
opponent’s lights out, a reputation that made him a major
international star. It was a persona that lent itself perfectly to
fighting, and also to Hollywood,
where Liddell has earned numerous acting roles over
the years

How about the Iceman as a murderer? That’s the possibility
being investigated on Monday’s episode of
“Bones,” which sees Liddell playing himself as a
possible suspect.

“I’m playing myself on there,” Liddell said of
his cameo. “It’s a very bad idea.”

In the episode, the team investigates the murder of Charlie
McCord, a high school principal with terminal cancer. Eventually,
they discover a video of McCord punching Liddell in the face, and
bring Liddell in to FBI headquarters for questioning about the

“Bones,” which airs at 8pm ET/PT on FOX, is just the
latest credit on Liddell’s acting resume, which includes
spots on Entourage, Hawaii Five-0 and Kick-Ass 2. Liddell was even
drawn into the long-running cartoon, The Simpsons.

The 43-year-old retired from competition in 2010 after a lengthy
reign as the UFC light-heavyweight champion and when he’s not
moonlighting as an actor, currently serves as the UFC’s vice
president of business development.