Cain Velasquez pre-fight interview

On October 19th at UFC 166 in Houston, UFC heavyweight champion

Cain Velasquez is on a two part mission to prove that the former

champ Junior dos Santos’ win over Velasquez at UFC on FOX in

November 2011 was a fluke. The first half of that statement was

received loud and clear in the rematch at UFC 155 when Velasquez

delivered a brutal 5 round drubbing of dos Santos to reclaim the

heavyweight crown. In the hotly-anticipated closeout of this

tremendous trilogy, Velasquez wants to leave no doubt in

anyone’s mind that he is the division’s best and dos

Santos simply got lucky.

“I’m going to win this one,” affirms

Velasquez. “It is dangerous to be comfortable on your feet

with Junior because his strong point is boxing. The moment when he

gets really comfortable, he settles, that’s when he’s

the most dangerous. But I’m not just boxing with him.

I’m trying to throw everything at him. The moment he thinks

I’m going to box with him, that’s when I’m going

to wrestle him. When he thinks I’m going to wrestle with him,

that’s when I’m going to box with him and that’s

when I’m going to kickbox with him. I’m going to do

everything. I’m not going to give this belt away. I’m

going to stay champion for awhile.”

Besides that infamous one punch loss to dos Santos two years

ago, Velasquez has orchestrated a flawless attack of the

weightclass and all who are in it since joining the UFC in 2008.

The former 2x NCAA Division I All-American wrestler from Arizona

State University ran roughshod over 7 opponents including 6 KO/TKO

finishes on the way to his first title with back-to-back Knockout

of the Night wins over former UFC interim-heavyweight champ Antonio

Rodrigo Nogueira and former UFC heavyweight champ Brock Lesnar.

Since the misstep against dos Santos, Velasquez has demolished

Antonio “Bigfoot” Silva twice with TKO stoppages in the

first round and dominated dos Santos for 25 minutes in their

fateful rematch late last year.