Velasquez ready for 3rd bout with JDS

Everything is bigger in Texas including its main events.

One way to tell UFC 166 is a big deal pay-per-view, UFC heavyweight champion Cain Velasquez got to sit at the big FOX Sports desk and chat with the big guns – Karyn Bryant, Chael P. Sonnen, and Kenny Florian. Heading into his trilogy ending third bout with former champ Junior dos Santos, Bryant asks Velasquez about how he keeps his mental edge so sharp in training for an opponent he’s already prepared twice for in the past two years?

“Being champion and staying champion, that’s ultimately what we’re always working for,” explains Velasquez who has shown that laser focus/dedication inside the Octagon in his belt winning, 25 minute beating of dos Santos at UFC 155. “We have to be in his face, we can’t let him settle, we have to keep that pressure on him the whole time, and just mix it up really well. I think that’s the key to always beating him.”

Besides scrapping in the cage, Velasquez got a chance to see the Houston sights and meet some other athletic celebrities in the NBA’s Houston Rockets. “To come here and go into the locker room of the Houston Rockets and have them be fans of the UFC as well, it’s pretty cool,” says Velasquez who is shown enjoying a staredown with 7’ center Dwight Howard’s clavicle.

Ever the bridesmaid and never the bride, Sonnen ended the segment the only way a Sonnen can: asking for a funny favor from the champ. “When you’re done with that belt tomorrow, can I have it?,” jokes Sonnen who has gone 0-3 thus far in UFC title fights. Not to be forgotten, Sonnen adds his co-host pal Florian in on the gag who went 0-3 in title fights in his otherwise fairly flawless Octagon career. “Can Kenny and I share it?”