Cain-JDS III was nearly stopped early

Referee Herb Dean came so close to stopping the UFC heavyweight
title fight between Cain Velasquez and Junior dos Santos in the
third round that Velasquez’s corner started celebrating.


This UFC 166 Fight Flashback goes behind the scenes of that
bloody, Oct. 19 trilogy battle in Houston with new audio and video
footage. The fight truly turned in Velasquez’s favor when he
landed a huge right hand in that third round, buckling dos
Santos’ knees. After that, the challenger was in survival
mode until Velasquez finished him in the fifth round to retain his


Before that third-round barrage, Velasquez’s corner told
him not to expend energy by trying to take dos Santos down –
just press him up against the cage and rough him up. Of course,
Velasquez executed that game plan perfectly, never letting the
Brazilian get into a rhythm.


After a fourth round that saw Velasquez continue to dominate
with dirty boxing, dos Santos’ corner told him he had to
finish the champion if he had any hope of winning.


“Don’t wait,” his trainers said. “Hit
him right away. It’s now or never.”


Dos Santos never got the chance. Velasquez did the same thing
that worked the previous five rounds and dos Santos was unable to
continue after hitting his head on the canvas following a takedown


After the fight, Velasquez is shown walking with head trainer
Javier Mendez in the bowels of the Toyota Center, his face covered
with bandages. Just another day at work for the guy who might be
the best UFC heavyweight champion of all time.


Velasquez has now beaten dos Santos twice after being knocked
out by his rival back in November 2011 on FOX.