‘Count’ wanted bout with one good eye

The UFC World Podcast with Gareth A Davies is now out… Episode

No 8


Michael Bisping describes in detail the eye injury which has

forced his withdrawal from UFC FN 30. Bisping reveals he faced

“possible blindness” in the eye if it wasn’t operated on and was

still prepared to fight until Dana White made the decision to pull

him out.

Davey Grant talks about his days in the TUF house, and how he

had to look away as Ronda Rousey and Miesha Tate’s feud went on…

and on… and on. “They really do hate each other,” he explains, on

the eve of his contest due to air this week against Louis


Tom Wright, CEO of the UFC in Canada, Australia and New Zealand

reveals how he has changed the Law in Canada, to make professional

MMA legal, and how he is now battling politicians in Australia who

are insisting on a ring, not an Octagon, be used for MMA


And joining Gareth in the studio, fresh from a bruising sparring

session against each other as they prepare for their contests in

Manchester at UFC Fight Night 30, Luke Barnatt and Jimi Manuwa.

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