Man thwarts armed robbery with BJJ

Brazilian jiu-jitsu 1, handgun-wielding thug 0.

A too-tough-for-his-own-good Pennsylvania man used a little
street-jitsu to subdue a would-be armed robber at a gas station
Saturday morning,
according to FOX 29 in Philadelphia.

Just a few hours after his car was totaled, John McGowan was in
no mood to have a punk kid in a mask point a gun at his face and
ask him for money.

“I said, ‘You are messing with the wrong
guy,’” recalls McGowan.

With absolutely no hint of hesitation, the obvious UFC fan shot
in for a (rather sloppy) takedown. The two rolled around on the
ground with both men grabbing at the gun, then slamming into a
potato chip rack. The thug, who was identified as 20-year-old C.J.
Gostynski, got top position and McGowan tried to slap on–what
else?–a triangle choke. Somewhere on the West Coast, Chael Sonnen
just shuddered.

McGowan used the triangle to sweep into mount. He’s
clearly seen a Demian Maia fight or three. Once there, he used the
gun to beat Gostynski over the head. How that wasn’t an
approved offensive maneuver at UFC 1, we’ll never know.

“I just started wrestling with him,” McGowan said.
“We went to the ground and got him in a Brazilian jiu-jitsu
choke hold and just beat him with his own gun.”

In the process, two shots get fired and one goes through
McGowan’s shoe, just missing his foot. The cops came soon
after as McGowan held the crook down.

The police found an AR-15 with 60 rounds of ammunition in
Gostynski’s truck. Maybe he wasn’t a frat boy trying to
scrounge together more money for Four Loko after all.

“It was like an action movie,” said Wally Mansour, the owner of
the Sunoco. “He put his life on the line that’s for sure. He put
his life on the line and he was brave enough to do it.”

Renzo Gracie just wept a single tear of joy.