Alexis Davis: 'Regardless of who wins -€“ I want that next title shot'

Alexis Davis wasn't happy to find out she was getting passed over for a title shot, so she's making it clear that after UFC 170 ends – she's got next.

Alexis Davis isn't holding her tongue anymore - "I want that next title shot" 

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UFC 170's Alexis Davis will never be accused of being a brash, outspoken fighter with harsh words on her tongue for every opponent that crosses her path.

Search far and wide through all of her past interviews and you're much more likely to find Davis complimenting all of the fighters she's faced without an ounce of frustration leaking out of her mouth.  Davis takes the old adage of Canadians being nice to a whole new level.

Her demeanor changed just slightly when the news was announced following the conclusion of UFC 168 that Ronda Rousey would do a quick turn around to face Sara McMann on Feb 22 in a battle of Olympic medalists.  Davis wasn't exactly seething with anger but given the fact that she's 2-0 in the UFC, won seven out of her last eight fights, and she's currently ranked No. 3 in the world, one spot ahead of McMann - she was a little upset when she was cut out of a title shot.

"I'm just like 'once again out of that reaching distance' for that title.  Like I don't know what to do any more," Davis told FOX Sports. "I'm just going to keep taking the fights they give me, keep winning, and eventually they're not going to be able to ignore me anymore. 

"I kind of understand the business, media aspect of why they did it, the Olympics and they are Olympic medalists in the main event.  But after this fight it's like come on. I win this fight, Dana, I'm reaching out there for you."

I've just got to cross my fingers and kind of hope I can do something to get their attention, get Dana White's attention, so I can get that shot

The selling point of Olympian vs. Olympian is one aspect of why the fight between Rousey and McMann came together, but Davis also knows that the UFC women's bantamweight champion has a busy year ahead with movie roles and other opportunities outside of fighting to fill up her dance card.  Was McMann just the path of least resistance for Rousey to get another win this year before taking a long break to go be a Hollywood star?

"I don't know what's going on in their heads with what they're trying to do.  I start to think maybe Ronda has other things on her mind that she wants to do after.  She's getting big into movies now and maybe she's trying to get in as many fights as she can, get the top players out now and then she can kind of retire and get into movies.  That was just kind of my conspiracy theory behind it all," Davis said.

Davis has never lived by they idea that the squeaky wheel gets the oil.  She doesn't want to get a title shot just because she's the loudest one in the room talking trash about Rousey to get her attention.  Davis would much rather get her shot by performances earned in the Octagon.

Of course her attitude might change if she wins on Saturday night in her fight against Jessica Eye at UFC 170 and she still gets passed over for another title shot.

"I feel like I should have been next up to the plate, but there's nothing I can do about it really.  I've just got to cross my fingers and kind of hope I can do something to get their attention, get Dana White's attention, so I can get that shot," Davis said.

I want to test myself and I want to beat the best of the best

"Regardless of who wins in the end - I want that next shot."

Looking at the main event on Saturday, Davis does believe the edge lies with Rousey because she's got the experience and the kind of ground control that could give McMann problems no matter how good her wrestling may be.  Davis isn't ready to predict another armbar victory for Rousey, but then again given her track record the odds are in her favor to pull off that submission for the ninth straight time. 

Davis, on the other hand, is a Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu black belt who has competed in some very tough grappling tournaments and is known for her slick submission game.  If Davis does earn next title shot, she's more than confident she'll stop Rousey's streak before it gets to 10.

"I'd kind of like to see how it's going to turn out," Davis said about a ground fight with Rousey.  "She's no joke on the ground, but I train with so many world champion black belts, it's almost like any other tournament.  I want to test myself and I want to beat the best of the best."

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