Alan Jouban floors Seth Baczynski with comeback KO finish

Alan Jouban got dropped early in a big exchange with Seth Baczynski but the newcomer found a way to turn things around to get a knockout finish in his UFC debut

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It's not rare for debuting fighters to come into the UFC feeling jitters and the flutter of butterflies in the stomach when the bright lights shine down upon them in the Octagon. Newcomer Alan Jouban didn't show any signs of those notorious queasy feelings, as he came out looking to throw down with veteran fighter Seth Baczynski on Saturday night.

Unfortunately, Jouban's confidence nearly backfired when Baczynski caught him with a counter punch that floored the former Resurrection Fighting Alliance fighter and put him down to a knee. Baczynski followed up with a flurry, hoping to put an end to the fight, but Jouban was able to survive long enough to get back to his feet.

It was the ultimate reversal of fortune just moments later when Jouban landed a big punch of his own that rattled Baczynksi and sent him reeling towards the cage. Jouban didn't waste the opportunity and he uncorked a left hook that landed flush on Baczynksi's jaw, and the former Ultimate Fighter competitor dropped like a sack of stones to the mat.

Jouban was ready to follow up, but the referee swooped in to stop the fight before he could land more than a couple of short punches.

The male model by day, fighter by night was certainly entertaining for his UFC debut after an 11-fight career to finally make his way to the top MMA organization in the world.

Welcome to the UFC, Alan Jouban -- he's going to be a fun fighter to watch going forward, win lose or draw. 

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