UFC on FX: Maynard vs. Guida recaps

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Clay Guida vs. Gray Maynard

Round 1

Guida will obviously be coming out and pressing the pace. Big "Guida" chants to start the fight. Jab connects for Guida. Maynard is already bleeding on the bridge of his nose. Head kick finds only air for Guida. Maynard is looking a step slower to start, but will still be dangerous is he can get his big strikes to connect. As I write that, Maynard misses a colossal hook. Left hand connects for Guida, but Maynard follows him out. Good first round from these two.

10-9 Guida

Round 2

Body shot from Maynard. Brief stoppage for a groin shot. Two punch combo from Guida lands clean. Maynard stalks the faster Guida as if he's ready to pounce. Still haven't seen his plan, though, save for to eat a bunch of jabs and rights. Guida circles away from the aggressive Maynard. Head kick from Guida misses, but a right hand lands flush. Maynard counters with one of his own. Right hand from Maynard. Right high kick to the jaw of Maynard is followed by a right hook. Good work from Guida. Maynard looks totally puzzled.

10-9 Guida

Round 3

Maynard on the attack early, but Guida is taunting him. High kick from Maynard finds only air. Guida continues to circle and confound Maynard. Two shots from Guida draw more blood and Maynard shoots for his first takedown which Guida stuffs hard. Maynard is swinging and missing out of frustration as Guida has him totally out of his element. Clay just darts and moves, gaining points. Every miss by Maynard seems to draw more cheers. The crowd starts dueling chants and it is momentarily raucous. Maynard grabs the hair of Guida and lands a knee and in retaliation, Guida winds his fist at him Ali-style. At the horn, Maynard flips Guida the bird.

10-9 Guida

Round 4

Right hand lands for Guida, who is still working the jab. Maynard grabs a hold of the back of Guida's head (maybe the hair again) and lands another knee. No takedown for Maynard. Guida clearly has a gameplan and it must feature a page on "letting Maynard miss wildly and tiring himself out." Wild right from Guida finds only air. High kick from Maynard gets nothing. Big right from Gray Maynard against the fence as Guida circles out. Maynard drops his hands and flips off Guida again. Three big punches from Guida do nothing to Maynard and Guida shoots and almost gets stuck in a guillotine. He pops free and rides out the round.

10-9 Maynard

Round 5

Big "Maynard" chants to start the final round. Superman punch from Maynard. Jab from Guida to retaliate. Maynard is simply being "out-quicked" here. Head kick from Guida and two hooks daze Maynard momentarily, but he waves Guida in. This fight has been about Maynard's inability to get his hands on Guida at all. Maynard shoots but misses. Referee Dan Miragliotta warns Guida about running. Even he looks annoyed. Maynard begins driving for a hard takedown, but Guida is fighting back. Down on their knees, Guida works hard to get back to his feet and the two are face off as the round comes to an end.

10-9 Maynard and 48-47 Guida

Winner: Gray Maynard by split decision (48-47, 47-48, 48-47)

Spencer Fisher vs. Sam Stout

Round 1

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A third fight between these two men that provided us all with one of the best UFC battles of all time? Thank you very much. Early exchanges by both men as each takes turns pressing the action. Right hook from Fisher moves Stout to his back foot. The pace has been great so far, lots of crisp boxing. Stout shoots in for a power double and gets a takedown into guard. Stout controls Fisher on the mat for over a minute, raining down short strikes that frustrate Fisher. Superman punch into a spinning backfist that connects on the forehead of Stout to end the first frame.

10-9 Stout

Round 2

Stout catches a kick and lands a short punch as he lets the leg go. Good one-two from Fisher is countered by an inside leg kick from Stout. Fisher is able to stuff a takedown attempt from Stout and misses with another spinning backfist. Two shots to the body from Stout. Right hand from Fisher connects on Stout's jaw. Outside leg kick from Stout. Fisher seems the aggressor in this round and Stout hasn't tried for the takedown that worked in the first round since he missed one early. Accidental groin strike leads to a stoppage. At the glove touch on the restart, it looks as if Fisher swings in for an inside leg kick in retaliation so Stout drives through with a power double. Good ground and pound from Stout to end the round.

10-9 Fisher

Round 3

Both men come out swinging to start. Good spinning back elbow from Fisher. Fisher gets Stout against the fence but leads him go after a missed trip takedown from Stout. Big left hook from Stout. Body kick caught by Fisher but nothing comes of it. Fisher is outstriking Stout in the final frame two minutes in. Body kick from Stout, but a right hand from Stout. Front kick from Stout. Double-leg takedown with two minutes to go for Stout and Fisher is fighting to get back to his feet. Once there, he eats a body kick from Stout. Single leg takedown into half guard for Sam Stout. Fans in the front row pop to their feet. Obviously we know where their allegiances lie. The ref stands them back up with 30 seconds and Fisher and Stout go toe-to-toe until the end.

10-9 Stout and 29-28 Stout

Winner: Sam Stout by unanimous decision (30-27, 30-27, 30-27)

Brian Ebersole vs. TJ Waldburger

Round 1

Left hand from Waldburger has Ebersole stumbling to the mat. In half guard now, Waldburger works his way into full mount. In the process of rolling clear of the mount, Ebersole is caught in a tight D'Arce choke from which he eventually escapes. From the Thai clinch, Ebersole exits with a big right elbow. Good body kick from Ebersole followed by a left hand. Right hand from Waldburger draws an "ooh" from the crowd. Ebersole smiles and shakes it off. Ebersole presses Waldburger to the fence to end the round.

10-9 Waldburger

Round 2

One-two connects from Waldburger. Good takedown from Waldburger and Ebersole is working hard to reverse the position and does. Good grappling by both men. Elbows from Ebersole. Waldburger grabs onto the right arm of Ebersole, but he gets free of any danger, even dropping a punch down on the way out of hold. As Waldburger tries for a submission, Ebersole hammers away with big fists. Triangle choke is applied, but Ebersole gets free and remains in control to end the round.

10-9 Ebersole

Round 3

Ebersole lands a knee and elbow out of the Thai clinch. Spinning wheel kick (a really BAD one) connects for Ebersole before the two fighters tie up against the fence. Ebersole is able to get the takedown against the fence and is working for some ground and pound. Lots of control on the mat for Ebersole, who holds Waldburger down at will. Long strikes from Ebersole to end what was a slow third round.

10-9 Ebersole and 29-28 Ebersole overall.

Winner: Brian Ebersole by unanimous decision (29-28, 29-28, 29-28)

Ross Pearson vs. Cub Swanson

Round 1

Inside leg kick lands for Cub Swanson. Big right hand misses from Pearson. Jabs land from each fighter before Swanson is hoisted into the air after misses a wild punch. Big right hand catches Ross Pearson going backwards, but he quickly recovers. Swanson misses a spinning wheel kick and Pearson drives through and axe kicks him as he steps over him. Good long punch from Pearson. Both men are back on their feet now and Swanson avoids a takedown. Swanson looks to have the striking edge early on.

10-9 Swanson

Round 2

Pearson is more aggressive to start the second frame. Spinning wheel kick misses again from Swanson, but he connects with a big hook on the way back around. Pearson drags Cub to the mat against the cage, but he works his way free. It wouldn’t be a Ross Pearson fight without some blood and he’s opened up from the mouth. Good combination from Pearson. Flying knee attempt by Cub is caught and he is slammed to the mat. Pearson stacks him on his shoulders and lands a few long blows. Ross gets Cub tied up on the mat for a minute, but lets him up to strike. Bad idea: Swanson takes him to task, landing a big left hook as Pearson charges in before diving in and finishing him for the win.

Winner: Cub Swanson by TKO (Round 2, punches, 4:14)


Hatsu Hioki vs. Ricardo Lamas

Round 1

Lamas steps in early, but Hioki takes him against the fence in a tight clinch. Hioki gets a trip takedown that ends up with Lamas in an omoplata. Lamas weathers the storm and hoists Hioki into the air, dropping him hard on his head. Both men scramble to their feet. Good two punch combination from Lamas has Hioki moving backward. Lamas and Hioki battle along the cage for dominance and Hioki gets trip takedown into side control. Hatsu Hioki works for a kimura from the top to end the round.

10-9 Hioki

Round 2

Early on, the round begins as if it were a K-1 exhibition, with each man throwing kicks that the crowd "ooh" and "ahh" at. Hioki ducks a wild punch and tries for the takedown. Lamas is able to punch is way out of danger. Lamas is taken to the mat, but takes the neck and cranks. Hioki is able to gut it out and takes half guard. After Lamas gets Hioki back into his open guard, he takes the next of Hioki and works for a guillotine that Hioki pops out of. Another attempt a moment later leads to the same result.

10-9 Lamas

Round 3

High kick from Lamas misses over the top. Body punch from Lamas connects. The pair exchange hooks. Big left body shot from Lamas. Spinning wheel kick from Lamas, but it only finds air. Big Left from Lamas. Hioki gets the takedown, but is stuck in another guillotine. This one might be the longest yet, because the crowd goes nuts when Hioki gets out. With 15 seconds on the clock, the fans get more restless as Hioki holds Lamas to the mat, who is punching Hioki in the ribs.

10-9 Lamas and 29-28 Lamas

Winner: Ricardo Lamas by unanimous decision (29-28, 29-28, 29-28)

C.J. Keith vs. Ramsey Nijem

Round 1

Big right misses from Nijem early and Keith ties him up. Shortly therein, there’s a groin strike that leads to a brief stoppage. Wild right from Ramsey catches Keith on the jaw. Nijem shoots and takes a single leg, but Keith reverses into mount. Nijem wrestles free and is against the fence, earning a mount. Nijem unloads big shot after shot and Keith rolls over. Nijem pounds his way to the victory.

Winner: Ramsey Nijem by TKO (Round 1, punches, 2:29)

Brock Jardine vs. Rick Story

Round 1

Jardine comes out swinging and Story switches levels for the takedown and Jardine backs out immediately. Story with a nice body kick. Jardine goes for a single leg by the heel and Story backs out it. Both throw but neither connects a number of times. Jardine throws wildly and Story gets the single leg, runs the pike to get him down. Story gets back control and gets a hook in, looking to get another as he’s trying to stretch Jardine out with his legs while battling for wrist control. Jardine is doing a good job at keeping his hands away but Story is controlling Jardine’s hips well. Loses the hook and goes to the side, lands a couple knees to the body. Some exchanges from the two and Story misses a body kick. Nice leg kick from Story. Neither fighter is throwing all that much as both are looking to avoid beign set up for the takedown.

Score: Story 10-9

Score so far: Story 10-9

Round 2

First 30 seconds of the round both are throwing but connecting. Both are looking to use the jab to get the takedown. Story gets the takedown after a looping right from Jardine misses. Story takes the back and has his right hook in as Jardine is defending it well. He loses the hook and Jardine gets away. Jardine isn’t throwing nearly as much as he’s avoiding the takedown. Story gets another one and grabs the right hook again, pulling him with his back to the cage. Jardine is playing wrist control as he’s keeping Story from doing anything with it. Jardine is using the cage to keep Story from doing anything as Story has seated back against the cage. Jardine stands up and Story brings him back down, second time and he gets away. Another high crotch single and Jardine to the ground, Jardine goes into half butterfly with 10 seconds left. Story lands a big left as the round ends.

Score: 10-9 Story

Score so far: 20-18 Story

Round 3

Jardine is throwing but backing off as soon as story goes for the takedown. Jardine with a slip and Story gets the front headlock, transitions to back but can’t do much with. Double leg from Story and can’t finish, scramble and both are back to their feet. Story is letting his hands loose a little during this round as he’s using more hooks instead of jabs. Story gets him against the cage and Jardine goes down, Story grabs a guillotine against the cage but can’t finish it. Story with some knees to the body; both fighters look tired. Scramble to their feet and Jardine hits Story low on a spinning back kick. Story’s ok and a quick restart. Jardine gets a bit more active with strikes and eats a body kick, goes for a double and Story counters with a front headlock off a sprawl. Can’t get the takedown off it, though, and back to their feet. Story clips Jardine with a nice left but Jardine recovers, mainly falling from a slip and not the strike. Story misses a leg kick and Jardine gets the takedown, Story lands in an armbar attempt Russian style with his stomach down. Story tries to ride the clock out and Jardine goes for a desperation knee bar, can’t finish it as the fight ends.

Score: 10-9 Story, 30-27 Story

Official result: 30-27, 30-27, 30-27 Rick Story by unanimous decision

Joey Gambino vs. Steven Siler

Round 1

Gambino comes out swinging and Siler goes for the takedown but can’t finish. Siler winds up trading position on the cage before they wind up back in the middle of the cage. Siler catches a leg and goes for the single but Gambino stops him and goes for a takedown of his own and Siler nearly locks him in a near arm guillotine. He can’t finish and Gambino lands some beautiful knees on him and goes for a guillotine of his own but can’t finish as he lands in Siler’s side mount. Siler lands some nice elbows and then transitions to Gambino’s back, tries to flatten him out and gets mount. Gambino just powers out. Siler transitions to a guillotine, though, and Gambino taps out at 2:47 of the first round.

Official decision: Seven Siler wins via submission at 2:47 of the first round due to a guillotine choke

Chris Camozzi vs. Nick Catone

Round 1

Both fighters come out a little hesistant but Catone lands first with a nice combination. Camozzi is picking his spot as opposed to throwing wild and letting himself get taken down. Catone lands some nice combinations in the first minute. Camozzi is winning the Octagon position game but Catone is connecting much more. Catone goes for a double leg but can’t finish it; he didn’t commit to it 100 percent and nearly eats a knee for his effort. Camozzi lands a nice combination and then connects with a nice knee, winds up pressuring Catone against the cage. Catone goes for a hip toss but Camozzi defends well, back to the middle of the cage. Camozzi is starting throw more strikes but Catone makes him pay for it with a nice hook/cross combination that finishes with a body kick. Catone goes for a double-leg again but doesn’t finish because he’s not committing to it all the way. He’s just reaching and grabbing, and hoping, as opposed to going for it full gore. He gets a single leg with 40 seconds and goes full bore into it and gets him to the ground. Some nice elbow from Catone as Camozzi works out of butterfly guard, looking to go for an armbar. Catone backs out and round ends with him standing and Camozzi on his back.

Score: 10-9 Catone

Score so far: 10-9 Catone

Round 2

Camozzi lands a nice combination after Catone wades in with a lead uppercut. Catone is throwing more as Camozzi is not trying to get into extended exchanges with him. He’s got a height advantage but he’s fighting small in that he’s leaning over and leaving his chin up. Catone goes for the takedown and gets him into the cage, Camozzi circles out and back to the center. Camozzi goes for a clinch and Catone gets an underhook and gets Camozzi against the cage; both exchange some light body strikes against the cage. Camozzi is looking to circle out and Catone is preventing; scramble off that and Catone lands a nice uppercut. Catone ducks a big power shot from Camozzi and goes for the double leg on level change; he doesn’t commit fully and can’t finish it again. He switches to a single leg and gets Camozzi to the ground. Camozzi has a half butterfly guard and is working for a triangle but Catone defends well. Catone is looking to do a jumping pass but Camozzi is using his legs in that butterfly to block. Fight ends with Camozzi stopping him from passing but both fighters not doing much.

Score: 10-9 Catone

Score so far: 20-18 Catone

Round 3

Camozzi comes out throwing and lands a nice combination and then blasts him with a beautiful knee that has Catone bleeding. A nice short elbow against the cage and Camozzi is going for the finish; he’s pouring it on as he defends a desperation shot from Catone. Catone is really bleeding and he lands a nice right hand. Catone goes for another takedown and can’t finish; referee wants the doctor to see the cut. Fight is getting stopped by the doctor.

Official result: Chris Camozzi wins via TKO (doctor’s stoppage due to a cut) at 1:51  of Round 3.

Matt Brown vs. Luis Ramos

(Courtesy 5thRound.com on Yardbarker)

Round 1

Ramos drags him to the mat and ends up in side control. He now takes his back while Brown fights to his feet. They exchange punches, with Ramos connecting better shots.

Ramos 10-9.

Round 2

Ramos immediately goes for a single-leg takedown to no avail. Brown gets free and scores with a big knee to the body while in the clinch. Brown nails him with another devastating knee and is bringing the pain. Ramos is eating punches, knees, elbows and the kitchen sink but he refuses to fall. Unfortunately for the Brazilian, the referee has seen enough.

Matt Brown defeats Luis Ramos via TKO (strikes) at 4:20 in the second round


(coverage of these fights from Heavy.com's Nate Lawson)

Ricardo Funch vs. Dan Miller

Round 1

Miller with a one-two combination, and Funch with a kick. Neither fighter really throwing. Miller comes forward with a big kick to the body. Funch with a combo and a kick shortly after, but he doesn't land. Funch throwing often, but not really landing anything flush. He pushes forward into the clinch, pressing Miller into the cage. Miller looking for a body lock. He turns Funch and tries to toss him down. He gets it. Oh wait, no. Funch scrambles back up. Very nice defense by Funch, who presses Miller against the cage. Nice toss by Miller, but, again, Funch is back up. Miller flies forward with a combination. Funch fires back against the cage, and they clinch again. One minute to go in the round. The referee breaks them up, and the two immediately start throwing. Funch with a high kick and a combo as the round comes to a close.

Heavy.com scores the round 10-9 for Miller.

Round 2

Miller misses on a left, as Funch lands a leg kick. Miller lunges forward with some nice shots. Funch ducks and falls into a guillotine. Knees from Miller, who shoots in for a takedown. Big elbows from Funch, and Miller breaks away. They start throwing heavy. Big kick misses from Funch. He shoots in for a takedown. Miller grabs hold of another guillotine choke, but Funch escapes. He presses Miller against the cage. Takedown attempt from Funch, and Miller is on his back. He is looking for a hell hook, and Funch may be in trouble. Elbows from Funch to the leg of Miller. Upkicks from Miller. Funch escapes and lands a nice right hand to his opponent. Big upkick from Miller sends Funch back a step; that's enough space for Miller to get back up. Funch pressing Miller into the cage again now. Under one minute to go, and Funch is trying to get this fight back down. Miller jumps up for a guillotine choke with 25 seconds to go. Funch pulls his head out.

Heavy.com scores the round 10-9 for Funch.

Round 3

Touch of gloves to start the third and final frame. Leg kick lands for Funch. Miller moves forward with a combination and lands nicely, driving Funch into the cage. Counter from Funch. Miller with a big right hand, and Funch drops. Big punches from Miller. Funch survives, and Miller stands back up. Left hand lands for Miller, and Funch is dazed. Miller with another punch, and Funch stumbles backwards, falling down. He is back up and immediately looks for a takedown. Miller up against the cage. Funch lifts him up and puts him down. Miller up to a knee, looking to stand. Back up. Funch looking for another takedown. Guillotine from Miller. Funch rolls over and is forced to tap. Incredible victory from Miller, and incredible heart from Funch. Great fight.

Official Decision: Miller def. Funch via submission (guillotine choke) at 3:12 of Round 3

Ken Stone vs. Dustin Pague

Round 1

Touch of gloves, and Pague with a kick. Head kick from Stone is blocked. They trade, and Stone lands the better shots, while Pague comes back with a leg kick. Spinning back elbow from Stone misses, but he lands a leg kick. Pague with a leg kick. Midpoint of the round. Stone missing on a combination, but lands a nice jab. Pague with another leg kick, but finishes with a nice combination. Big right lands for Pague, and Stone staggers back. He shoots forward with some punches, but nothing else follows. Break in action due to a groin shot from Pague. Action resumes. Pague with a kick. He comes forward with a nice combo, but Stone lands a jab. Fighters trade kicks with 30 seconds to go. Pague lands a nice right, but Stone fires back on the jab. Head kick blocked by Stone.

Heavy.com scores the round 10-9 for Stone.

Round 2

Touch of gloves to start Round 2. Pague with a leg kick, and the fighters trade punches. Stone works the jab again. He looks takedown, and Pague has his back up against the cage after being driven into it. Stone working knees in an effort to get this fight down, but Pague is keeping his feet. No action here, and the referee breaks up the clinch. Pague takes a shot below the belt, triggering a second break in action. They restart, and Pague lands an outside leg kick. Stone answers with the same strike. And another. Stone counters nicely. Pague just misses with a spinning back fist. He throws a right, but gets countered again. Body kick from Pague. Ninety seconds to go in the frame. Stone continues to counter nicely. Pague looks to lock up, but Stone turns him into the cage and pushes away. Fighters trade kicks. Pague misses on a long left hook as the round closes out.

Heavy.com scores the round 10-9 for Stone.

Round 3

Outside leg kick lands for Pague, followed by an inside leg kick. Good exchange, and Stone lands the nicer shots. Pague comes up short while lunging forward on a combination. Leg kick from Pague, and Stone grabs on for a takedown. Pague keeps his feet again and is up against the cage. Stone trying for a toss, but Pague gets the takedown and moves to the back. He slips off, and Stone scrambles to the top. He is in Pague's guard now. Not much action here, but Stone is picking up points. Pague jumps back up to his feet with just under 30 seconds to go, but Stone is pressing him against the cage. Takedown attempt from Pague, but the round comes to a close.

Heavy.com scores the round 10-9 for Stone.

Official Decision: Stone def. Pague via split-decision (28-29, 29-28, 29-28)

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