UFC legend Chuck Liddell appears in worst rap video of all time

We love you Chuck. But what on Earth were you thinking?

Josh Hedges/Zuffa LLC/Zuffa LLC via Getty Images

Oh, Chuck. You should have quit while you were ahead with those Duralast commercials.

UFC legend Chuck Liddell makes an appearance in this monstrosity of a rap video called "Hamburger Fries & Shake" by an extremely jacked middle-aged white guy who calls himself Fitty Smallz. Watching this will probably make you feel more sick than eating the aforementioned comfort food complete with salmonella.

Liddell manages to actually steal the show when he pops out of nowhere and puts a milkshake right in the face of a pretty diner waitress. As for Fitty Smallz, him dry-humping another waitress is downright disturbing.

Why does this thing even exist? Maybe it’s a parody? Please, let it be a parody of something. We don’t know what, but we’re hopeful this guy isn’t actually taking himself seriously. But hey, sweet dance moves.

According to his official website, Fitty Smallz (a.k.a. Notorious F.I.T.) is a fitness expert and rap artist who has "pushed the envelope of creative thinking to deliver his message through music." He has also pushed the envelope of common human decency with this tripe.

Liddell needs something to rally from this cataclysmic disaster. A Nickelback video would have been cooler.