Stud finishes two dudes in 32 seconds during tag team MMA fight

Of course this exists in Russia.

Thrones MMA

Tag team MMA? Yeah, that’€™s a thing. And of course it’s a thing in Russia.

Artem Tarasov seems like he could be the Shawn Michaels of tag team MMA – as in the most likely to succeed as an, uh, singles competitor.

Why you ask? Well, he easily finished two men in a total of 32 seconds in this tremendous video of an Arrows event.

Tarasov’€™s teammate Albert Vakhitov (aka Marty Jannetty) did absolutely nothing as Tarasov made short of work of a pair of dudes in the ring, which was really just ropes surrounding the sand box you used to play in when you were a kid.

Tarasov knocked out the first guy in 14 seconds with an overhand right and some ground and pound. The next hapless victim was finished with an armbar at the 32-second mark after our protagonist took him down and slipped seamlessly into mount. It’€™s only a matter of time before we Tarasov’s heel turn.

When are we going to see tag team MMA in the UFC? We€’re not, you say?

Remember, Dana White said we’€™d never see women fighting either. And Artem Tarasov is clearly the Ronda Rousey of tag team MMA.