Ronda Rousey posts scorching hot pics that are new to you

Even the people who booed her at UFC 168 have to admit the women's bantamweight champion looks simply stunning in these new photos.

Tommaso Boddi/Getty Images

So, let’s get this straight. Ronda Rousey’s Instagram page consists of funny memes, posts about pro wrestling and pics of her killing it while training. Now this, too?

It’s just not fair. Because none of the 24,000-plus people who liked that pic have a chance in hell with her.

Rousey posted some #TBT shots from her photo shoot with Brian Bowen Smith. They don’t suck. Not only does she look gorgeous, but artistically they’re very well done. And, uhh, she also seems to be in very good shape for her fight with Sara McMann at UFC 170 on Feb. 22 in Las Vegas.

Rousey just turned 27 last week and she’s arguably the most recognized fighter in the UFC right now, which is absurd considering less than two years ago UFC president Dana White said women would “never” fight in his organization.

Sure, she might have lost some fans in the fall when she was an absolute maniac on The Ultimate Fighter coaching against her hated rival Miesha Tate. You almost couldn’t hear her talk after beating Tate at UFC 168 in December because the crowd was booing so loudly. But you think that means people aren’t going to buy her next fight? You’re crazy.

Don’t be fooled – Rousey is as popular as she has ever been and her first movie, The Expendables III, hasn’t even come out yet. This could be a massive year for her, but beating McMann is absolutely vital. A loss won’t kill her popularity, but it would be a serious blow to her momentum and her credibility as the baddest woman on the planet.

All the photo shoots in the world are awesome, but Rousey still has to take care of business in the Octagon. Even if she does look this good in front of the camera.