Ronda Rousey on MMA fighters: ‘We don’t have a safe profession’

The outspoken UFC women's bantamweight champ recapped Season 18 of TUF and spoke bluntly about her profession during NFL On FOX.

There was nothing healthy about it. But Ronda Rousey felt like she had to make a point to her team.

After Anthony Gutierrez missed weight before the semifinals of "€œThe Ultimate Fighter" tournament, Rousey, one of this season’s coaches, cut 17.5 pounds in 24 hours just to show everyone it could be done, she told the NFL On FOX crew Thursday at halftime of the Lions-Packers Thanksgiving game.

"You want to be the best fighter in the world?"€ Rousey said. "You have to be willing to die for your pride in that cage. In order to get there, you have to be willing to die to get in that cage."€

Michael Strahan joked during the segment that Curt Menefee has to cut 20 pounds of weight during the short interview. Rousey, looking pilgrim chic (check out those sleeves), laughed and looked much more affable than she did in most scenes of €œThe Ultimate Fighter€ this season.

Being filmed constantly wore on Rousey, she said. For example, she told UFC president Dana White on the show that she would cut the weight and felt like she couldn’€™t go back on that promise.

"’Oh no, they got that on camera,’"€ Rousey said she was thinking. "’They’€™re going to call me a liar now. I really have to do it now, damn.’"€

You have to be willing to die for your pride in that cage.

Rousey, who meets rival coach Miesha Tate at UFC 168 on Dec. 28, said she accepted the offer to coach on The Ultimate Fighter€ to give women’s fighters more exposure. This was the first season of the long-running reality series to feature females and Rousey was named the first women’s fighter in UFC history late last year.

"€œI want it to survive me,"€ she said of the UFC’€™s women’€™s division. "Twenty years from now I want it still to be going."