Ronda Rousey: ‘I want to be the highest-grossing actor in the world’

Ronda Rousey has some lofty Hollywood aspirations.

Ian Gavan/Getty Images

Ronda Rousey sure aims high.

The UFC women’s bantamweight champion is already arguably the greatest women’s MMA fighter of all time. Her goals now extend beyond the Octagon. Rousey wants to conquer Hollywood, too.

"I want to be the highest-grossing actor in the world someday," she told ESPN The Magazine recently.

Well, damn. Rousey, 27, does have three movies coming out in the next year — "The Expendables 3," "Entourage" and "Fast and Furious 7." But making the most money of any actor working would certainly be a tall order if she continues to juggle Hollywood and the UFC.

Screw it, I don’t give a s***, if The Rock can become the world’s highest-grossing actor, I can have that same goal.

-Ronda Rousey

"I didn’t grow up wanting to be an action star," Rousey said. "I just didn’t think it was in the cards. Now that it’s a possibility, I’m like, ‘Screw it, I don’t give a s***, if The Rock can become the world’s highest-grossing actor, I can have that same goal.’"

In the interview, Rousey didn’t talk much about her UFC goals. Maybe she wasn’t asked about them. "Rowdy" has already completely dominated the landscape at 135 pounds with few deserving challengers remaining, Cris Cyborg being the most daunting. Rousey is coming off a 16-second TKO of Alexis Davis last month at UFC 175 and has finished all 10 of her career fights. Only one opponent has lasted past the first round — Miesha Tate, last December — and Rousey has beaten her twice.

"I never aspired to be second," Rousey said. "I was taught as a kid that you can do whatever you want in this world, so why not be the best in the world at it? Even when I was bartending, I wanted to be the world’s best, most efficient and charming bartender. That’s how I do things."

Rousey’s next fight could very well be against fellow Hollywood actress Gina Carano. Carano has not yet signed with the UFC, but UFC president Dana White is confident a deal will get done. If it does, Carano would get a title shot against Rousey immediately. Most have scoffed at that since Carano has not competed in MMA since 2009. Rousey is not one of those people. She believes Carano would be "the hardest competitor I could ever find to fight."

"My coach said from the start that Gina is the worst style matchup for me," Rousey said. "I’m not just saying that. I don’t have to worry about fighters outmuscling or overwhelming me or catching me on the mat. The only thing I have to worry about is the one-punch knockout. And out of all of the women in MMA, Gina has the best feel for distance and timing. That’s not something you lose because you made a couple of movies. You’ll always have that. And she was the first girl I ever saw that had a one-punch standing knockout."

If Rousey beat Davis, a top-notch challenger who has two jiu-jitsu black belts and a world of experience, in less than 30 seconds, how long would Carano last? Rousey said it doesn’t matter.

"Even if you think she took too much time off and it’d be a quick fight, to be honest, that fight would be too hot not to watch," Rousey said. "It doesn’t really matter if it’ll be competitive or not. And if you do watch it, you’re going to be surprised: It’ll be one of the greatest fights to ever happen in the history of women’s MMA."

Rousey is already selling that fight hard, and it hasn’t even been signed yet. Then again, there is no better salesperson in MMA right now.