Retired former UFC fighter Genki Sudo throws out first pitch as only he could

Retired fighter Genki Sudo leads his band World Order.


Genki Sudo hasn’t fought since the last day of 2006 when he beat Damacio Page by, fittingly, submission. Sudo was one of the top lighter weight fighters in the world and a submission-hold wizard throughout his MMA career.

Though he became one of the best fighters to come out of Japan, he was also famous for elaborate synchronized dance entrances. To be brief, but completely accurate, Sudo’s entrances were simply splendid.

These days, Sudo makes his living in a pop boy band that specializes in throbbing hearts and (you guessed it) synchronized dance routines. Recently, Sudo and his band, World Order, threw out the first pitch at a Japanese baseball game.

It was pretty, elaborate and impressive enough that we can forgive Sudo for the awful pitch itself. Check it out for yourself and let us know if it tops your all-time first-pitch list as it does ours.

Then, do yourself a favor and check out some of Sudo’s entrances and fight highlights on YouTube.