Phil Davis throws out first pitch at Pirates game, jokes about playing baseball

If Phil Davis doesn't like trash talk, MLB is the perfect place for him.

via Twitter: @PhilMrWonderful

Here’s what we call "a fallback option."

Phil Davis was basically sent out of the UFC light heavyweight title picture at UFC 172 with a loss to Anthony Johnson. On Wednesday, he threw out the first pitch at the Pirates game. Hope there were some scouts watching.

Davis, who grew up a huge Pirates fan in Harrisburg, Pa., talked a ton of smack about UFC light heavyweight champion Jon Jones in the buildup to his fight with Johnson. Many people thought talking about Jones distracted Davis from the task at hand, but perhaps he was actually distracted by his potential big-league pitching career.

"I threw a half decent pitch," Davis told "It probably looked awful, but I threw a half way decent pitch. So I had that going for me. The fan reaction was awesome and, who knows, maybe they’ll be thinking about getting me out there. Maybe in Triple A or something like that."

Hey, it’s a start. Michael Jordan never made it past Double-A when he left basketball to try his skills on the diamond. Davis, with his chiseled 6-foot-2 frame, would fit right in as a pitcher — or maybe even a power bat in the outfield or first base. It’s a shame he isn’t a lefty.

Honestly, the perfect place for the quiet Davis might be Major League Baseball, where trash-talking is a no-no. Guys are chastised for ever throwing a bad word at another team or player. Davis didn’t really want to crap talk Jones before UFC 172, but he probably felt he had to because of the nature of combat sports — big mouths get big fights.

Davis, though, told that he never played baseball growing up, which could be a problem. At least Jordan had some experience before switching sports. Davis was a wrestler as kid.

Oh well, it looks like he’ll have to step into the Octagon again after all. At least until he perfects the spitball.