Lesson of the day: Don’t mess with Johny Hendricks’ kids

Trash talk is a pretty regular routine in MMA, but sometimes the antics can be down right hilarious or in the case of Johny Hendricks’ four-year old daughter Abri making her prediction for the outcome of UFC 167 it’s just adorable.

Hendricks’ team posted a short eight second video of his daughter proclaiming ‘my daddy’s going to put you to sleep GSP!".  It was definitely one of the highlights of fight week and probably one of the only times you’ll hear ‘cute’ and ‘UFC fight’ in the same sentence.

Following the fight, however, Hendricks found out that there were some disturbing comments left on his Facebook page by some anonymous keyboard warriors in response to his daughter’s message with some nasty name calling being used about a four-year old little girl just supporting her dad’s endeavors.

Needless to say, Hendricks was not amused.

"Somebody said something bad on that Facebook page, but I heard somebody said something pretty bad about my daughter and if I could find him I would show him how unappreciative (I am) and what a douchebag the guy was for calling my daughter that," Hendricks told FOX Sports.  "Show some class, that’s what I tell those people. If a four-year old wants to support her dad and say something, then don’t go around and calling her the ‘C’ word."

His justifiable anger over the situation aside, Hendricks isn’t sure why anyone would be made that a child is supporting their parents doing their job.  In his last fight earlier this year, Hendricks battled former interim welterweight champion Carlos Condit, who has a young son that’s growing up with a fighting father.

Hendricks would have had no problem if Condit’s son posted a video supporting his father, and he would have smiled and laughed just like everyone else should have done when his daughter did the same thing.

"If (Carlos Condit)’s son came out there and said ‘my daddy’s going to kick your butt, he’s going to knock you out’ I’d be like well trained.  That’s cute," Hendricks said.  "He’s supporting his dad, I wouldn’t say a bad thing about his kid.  I would be like you know what, that’s great.  

The comment has Hendricks so riled up that he’s personally inviting the random internet tough guy to come down to Texas and tell him face to face what he feels about his daughter’s video.  Hendricks will be happy to answer any questions this person might have, although it’s likely he wouldn’t enjoy the answer.

"To sit there and talk trash to a four-year old, what I sit here and say to them and hopefully they read your article is come find me in Texas and say that to my face and I swear to God that will be the last thing you say," Hendricks warned.  "Cause that’s fighting words.  That’s so disrespectful, I was so bummed about some of the things I heard they were saying about that."

"It’s cute, it’s funny, it’s all those things.  It just shows that some people they don’t care what their image is."