Kenny Florian pulls off the best Al Pacino impression you’ll see today

Is that how you say Vinny Magalhaes? 

Rich Lam/Zuffa LLC/Zuffa LLC via Getty Images

Kenny Florian stays busy these days whether he’s commentating for the lastest UFC card on FOX Sports 1 or if he’s co-hosting on UFC Tonight, but occasionally he has time to do a guest spot like the one he did recently for the debut episode of The Renato Laranja show.

Before the episode kicks off, Florian puts on his best suit and gets his voice sounding like he’s been smoking two packs a day for the last 20 years so he can pull off a pretty brilliaint Al Pacino impression opposite Laranja as they reenact a famous scene from the film ‘Heat’.

You remember ‘Heat’ — it’s the first time Pacino ever shared screen time with fellow legendary actor Robert DeNiro (not to mention an awesome heist that takes place) but this time around you get the diner scene where Florian and Laranja give you their best reenactment of the movie. Bonus points for Laranja pulling off the ‘DeNiro’ look. 

From there, Florian gets put on the hot seat as Laranja finds out about his next fight, religion in the Octagon and they try to decipher what he actually does between the multiple jobs he currently has with the UFC. 

From Pacino to UFC Tonight and everything in between, this is deifnitely one of the best interviews you’ll see with Florian (be warned harsh language in the video).