‘Go f*** yourself’: Dana White goes postal on MMA message board


Buda Mendes/Zuffa LLC/Zuffa LLC via Getty Images

Dana White isn’€™t effin’€™ going anywhere.

The UFC president responded to a message board post imploring him to retire with the most Dana White post ever.

"€œHey Reggie, Go f*** yourself,"€ White told the poster on The Underground. "There is another bad word for all you P****** on the UG!!"€

But, of course, he didn’€™t stop there. Another poster brought up the Timothy Bradley-Juan Manuel Marquez boxing event doing a similar buys to many UFC pay-per-views this year and he asserted that Bradley and Marquez make more money than most UFC fighters.

"STFU and go away,"€ White wrote in response. "€œIf you hate the UFC so bad then WTF are you doing here? go follow 1 Direction or something else! Bradley wished he makes what GSP makes, so the fact that you have no clue what you are talking about and you hate me and the UFC just GET THE F*** OUTTA HERE."€

Nope. He wasn’€™t done.

White added: "€œYes dips***, GSP makes big f***ing $$$$! You didnt know that because its none of your f***ing business. You also have no clue what [Johny Hendricks] makes. Bradley wishes he made what Johnny made too. and GSP fights 3 times a year!! They do not."

White has drawn scorn from fans and media for blasting Georges St-Pierre after UFC 167. GSP vaguely talking about stepping away from the UFC for a little bit because of personal problems in his post-fight interview with Joe Rogan. White was none too happy, saying St-Pierre owed it to the UFC to give Hendricks a rematch, because most felt like Hendricks should have won the decision.

White hasn’€™t backed off those remarks at all. He has said all week in various interviews that GSP ‘made a mistake’ by being non-committal about his future with Rogan. The boss doesn’€™t think St-Pierre should be allowed to take a vacation, because it would tie up the title picture at 170 pounds.

The conversation on The UG deteriorated into one about fighter pay. And, of course it did.

"D***head, you will know what a certain fighter makes if HE wants to say it," White wrote to another poster. "I on the other hand will say whatever the f*** i want beacuse i DO know what they make."

White is as non-conventional as it gets from a president of billion-dollar sports franchise. Have you ever seen Bud Selig hop on an online forum and respond to questions about Alex Rodriguez? White’€™s approach is why some fans hate him — and it’s also why some love him.

"OK, I popped in to say hi to the UG,"€ White wrote in closing. "Always fun boys, Don’€™t get butthurt and take s*** personal. This is the way i talk and i love talking to fight fans. You know me by now i have been here for 13 years and if you don’t like me or the way i talk then you probbably shouldnt talk to me. There are plenty of other personallities and cool people to talk to in the sport. See you on Dec 28th."