Georges St-Pierre recovers stolen Range Rover, is not impressed with car jackers performance

Despite the fact that he’s the biggest star on the UFC roster, Georges St-Pierre deals with real life problems just like the rest of us.

For instance back in June when St-Pierre was training at home in Montreal, he woke up one morning to discover that his Range Rover had been stolen.  He took to Twitter to reveal the news saying that ‘my car got stolen last week, first time this has happened to me. I wish I could have caught the guy while he was doing it’.

Well the good news for St-Pierre was that after the thieves stole the car, police were able to recover the vehicle shortly thereafter and it was found only one street over from where it was stolen in the first place.

St-Pierre told prior to his UFC 167 fight against Johny Hendricks that the police in Montreal did recover the vehicle, although with some damage already done to the car, his insurance paid up and he had already purchased a brand new 2013 Range Rover instead.

"€œBelieve it or not, they found it parked on the street next to where it got stolen,"St-Pierre said.  "When they found it, there were many tickets on the windshield, and they found out it was my car. They took a ride with it and they messed it up a little bit. My insurance covered me, and I got a 2013 Range Rover."

There are unconfirmed reports that St-Pierre questioned the cops by asking if they had any promising leads on finding the culprits behind the crime and Montreal police assured him that they had four detectives on the job -€” working in shifts.

St-Pierre is currently on vacation after his split decision win over Johny Hendricks at UFC 167 in Las Vegas.