Brittney Palmer explains how not to blow Valentine’s Day

February 14 is fast approaching fellas, and you probably haven’t planned a thing (hopefully this article is a reminder). So to help guys navigate the treacherous road to Valentine’s Day success, Fanlime and Brittney Palmer — the reigning Fighters Only Ringcard Girl of the Year — give expert tips on what exactly to do.

One of the segments takes place in Journelle, a seriously upscale lingerie store in New York City. Palmer recommends to her subject that he should get his girl some intimate apparel.

Cool. So when does Palmer try on some samples? She doesn’t. Inexplicable.

The highlight of this video is the very beginning when Brittney’s male subject explains what he did last Valentine’s Day. He brought his girlfriend to a hockey game and when the Kiss Cam showed her and the dude next to her, she started to make out with him.

That actually had a chance to be funny if “Pat” didn’t deliver it like he was a doctor telling a family their loved one just died.