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Nick Diaz and Anderson Silva as buddy cops taking down Steven Seagal?

In the latest Mixed Martial Animation from Pouya Rebek, Nick Diaz and Anderson Silva stop Steven Seagal from beating up Ariel Helwani. Really.

Nick Diaz Gets His Revenge on Steven Seagal

JUN 30, 6:20 pm
Officers Nick Diaz and Anderson Silva rescue Ariel Helwani from captivity, and put Sensei Seagal in a vulnerable position for the first time in his life.

Anderson Silva and Nick Diaz might end up fighting each other. But in this video from MMA impersonator extraordinaire Pouya Rebek, the two are partners fighting crime.

This Mixed Martial Animation has a little something for everyone. Silva, Diaz, and Steven Seagal beating up FOX Sports reporter Ariel Helwani. Oh, and Steven Seagal dancing a Russian jig.

Don't worry. Helwani gets his licks in, too. And Diaz gets revenge from a previous encounter with the devious Seagal. It's all here in this latest skit.