US OPEN SCENE: Ivanovic’s lighter reading list

NEW YORK (AP) Ana Ivanovic is an avid reader – maybe a bit too much, sometimes.

As she struggled with her game in the years after her 2008 French Open title, the Serbian star cracked open more than a few psychology books, searching out the mental keys to regaining her edge.

She eventually had to force herself to cut back.

”I’m sure when you study to be a doctor, you probably start to feel all these pains in your body,” Ivanovic said Tuesday. ”So it’s the same. I started to read psychology, and I started to feel all of that in myself.”

Now 26, Ivanovic finally seems to have her head in the right place. This month, she returned to the top 10 for the first time in more than five years.

”I really enjoy psychology – I think it’s amazing what the human mind can or cannot do depending on how you perceive a situation,” Ivanovic said.

But, now, she added: ”I try to read something on the light side.”

– By Rachel Cohen –

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