A few things we'd like to see in 2011

Our experts give their wish lists for the 2011 season.

This is the finale of the 2010 Year in Review, a 12-part series in which FOXSports.com's panel of tennis commentators — Matt Cronin, Richard Evans, Zack Pierce, Addie Rising and Brian Webber — shared their thoughts and opinions. Check out the other installments for one final look back at a memorable year in tennis.


CRONIN: I resolve never to seriously consider the thought that three-of-five-set men's matches at the Grand Slams should be reduced to two out of three sets, because those are the contests that everyone remembers, and I will continue to push for three-out-of-five-set finals at the majors for the women, because if the WTA moves to do so, the tour would have a lot more thrilling finales that people will talk about.

EVANS: I resolve to keep pushing back against those less-than-knowledgeable followers of the game who airily dismiss the stellar careers of players like Andy Roddick and Tim Henman.

One tends to hear more moaning about Roddick’s shortcomings than praise for his achievements, which is both extraordinary and disrespectful to one of America’s hardest working athletes. Roddick has just finished in the world’s top 10 for the ninth consecutive year — incredible! Obviously Roger Federer has won more titles, but nine years in the top 10 is something Roger has yet to achieve — despite being a year older.

As for Henman, I just have to laugh when people in England talk of him not making it or being a failure. He reached No. 4 in the world, for heaven’s sake. How many of his critics have been the fourth best in the world at what they do?

But sadly, it’s the glory of Wimbledon that ruined Tim’s reputation. Never won it, you see. So he’s a failure. Even Scrooge would have offered a more charitable assessment.

WEBBER: Change the Davis Cup format. While the Davis Cup is one of tennis' greatest traditions, it's time to alter the international team competition because it has become increasingly irrelevant. The tennis season is so long that many of the sport's biggest names prefer to rest during the weeks of Cup play rather than represent their country. It's time for tennis to emulate soccer's World Cup and make the Davis Cup an event that is held every four years. Fans and players alike will focus more on the quest for the Cup if it becomes a more infrequent event.

Richard Evans and Matt Cronin are tennis writers for FOXSports.com. Brian Webber is a frequent contributor to FOXSports.com's tennis coverage. Addie Rising and Zack Pierce are tennis editors for FOXSports.com.

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