Tennis player uses phone to argue call

Extra cool points for Sergiy Stakhovsky, the Ukrainian tennis
player who on Monday found an inventive and high-tech new way to
argue a call — he pulled out his iPhone to snap a pic of a
disputed ball mark in his first-round match against Richard



He later displayed the evidence on his Twitter feed, though
we’re not sure this is going to do him any good:


Stakhovsky lost the match and
a lot to say
afterward. He plans to show the photo to
tournament supervisors. ”I’m now expecting a fine, actually, so
I’m going to go and fight,” Stakhovsky said. Good luck with that,

So what do you think? Does he have an argument? Can you even
tell what’s going on in that photo?

Nevertheless, a great effort from Stakhovsky and an absolute
clinic in staying relevant when you can only manage to win eight
games in three sets.

For those keeping track, Serbia’s Viktor Troicki
is still winning the race for best tirade of
the season.

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