This photo of Nadal is kind of great

We know Rafael Nadal
to post pictures
to his Facebook page. The most recent chapter:
Cooking dinner. On Sunday, he popped a couple images of himself
getting ready for a meal.

This one in particular caught our eye:

It came with the caption: “About to start the dinner! Have a
good meal!”

How reassuring. You would think a world-class, former No. 1,
Grand Slam champion
tennis player would be eating dinner off
diamond-studded plates in palatial dining halls. But you’d be

OK, there’s probably some of that too. But here he looks kind of
like a college student who has just re-heated some pasta.

The standard-issue glass bowl. On a plate. The bad tablecloth
someone thought was cool once. A carafe of water (we think it’s
water, anyway) at the ready. And something tells us he couldn’t
care less. The guy is acting his age, and we love it. Throw in some
ramen and a juice box and we’ve got ourselves a party.

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