Clijsters gives birth to second child

Kim Clijsters gave birth to her second child Wednesday, she told the world via Twitter:

Congrats to the family! Jack. Leon. Lynch. Soak up the awesome on that. That’s a name worthy of a movie poster. Let’s give it a try:

That’s good for the debut indie flick. But eventually there’ll have to be a Hollywood blockbuster:

Yes. Get that boy an acting class pronto.

Clijsters is married to Brian Lynch, an American basketball player who was playing for a team in Clijsters’ hometown in Belgium when the couple met.

The couple’s first child, a girl named Jada, was born in February 2008, during Clijsters’ first retirement from the sport.

One of the more revered and respected players in the women’s game, Clijsters won five Grand Slam titles before retiring in 2007. After the birth of Jada, she made a comeback to the sport in 2008 and went on to win three more — the US Open in 2009 and 2010 and the Australian Open in 2011.

Tennis. Basketball. Acting. This kid has options.