Bouchard on opposing Sharapova: ‘We’re not friends’

Russia's Sharapova (left) and Canada's Bouchard at the French Open in 2013.  


When it was discovered that Eugenie Bouchard and Maria Sharapova would play against each other in the French Open semifinals, there was a quick scramble to connect these two fair-haired pros, both teenage phenoms who garnered tennis success early on in their careers. 

This photo of the young Bouchard posing with Sharapova in particular quickly blazed its way around the Twitterverse and upped the aw-factor of their upcoming meet-up: 

But 18th-seed Bouchard, 20, quickly made clear in a news conference on Tuesday that neither will be braiding the other’s hair anytime soon. 

The Canadian explained after her quarterfinal match Sunday that she was in the game to win it, not exchange friendship bracelets along the way: 

The seventh-seed Sharapova echoed that statement Sunday night after the 27-year-old’s victory against Samantha Stosur: 


H/t For the Win