Murray nearly forgets to hug his mom

Andy Murray made the rounds for hugs and handshakes after winning Wimbledon on Sunday, but he almost made a big mistake.

We can imagine that the minutes immediately following a win in the Wimbledon final are something of a haze. Your mind is probably not all there.

So Andy Murray can be excused for a brief, funny, little lapse Sunday after finishing off his win over Novak Djokovic. Murray climbed into his box in the stands above Centre Court and gave hugs or high-fives to just about everyone:

(Clive Brunskill/Getty Images)

He only left out one person ... his mother, Judy.

Yes, after going down the line and hugging coach Ivan Lendl, girlfriend Kim Sears, friend and fellow tennis pro Ross Hutchins and others, Murray started to climb back down before hearing his mother's voice and turning around to give her the much-deserved embrace:

(Screencap: ESPN telecast)

“I did forget her,’’ Murray said in an on-court interview later. “I just heard her squealing when I tried to get down.’’

All ended happily, of course, as you can see:

(Adrian Denni/AFP/Getty Images)