Dolgopolov’s car is quite the sight

It is tough to imagine what was going through tennis player
Alexandr Dolgopolov’s mind when he decided to customize his Nissan
GT-R like this. Did he tell the workers at the shop that he wanted
his ride to resemble an
Iron Maiden album cover? Did he say, “I know a
lot of guys want chrome rims, but I just want chrome

Whatever he told the people who got their hands on this baby,
they created a monster, and Dolgopolov is darn proud of it. If
Dolgopolov were alive in the 1970’s, this car would have made him
the most popular guy around.

Anyone who follows Dolgo’s Instagram probably isn’t surprised by
this picture, however, as “The Dog” has a
history of posting some, uh, strange images on his
. Somebody must have told him to tone his act down,
because Dolgopolov recently set his account to private.

Dolgopolov was the No. 22 seed at Roland Garros for the French
Open but lost in the first round to Dimitry Tursunov.

Athlon Sports)