Agassi ‘offers’ glimpse at Graf for charity

A video making the rounds on the Internet shows former tennis
star Andre Agassi – tongue-in-cheek? – offering bidders at a
charity auction in Taiwan a chance to see a nude photo of his wife,
Steffi Graf.

One newscast clip – with nearly 20,000 views on YouTube as of
Friday morning – shows Agassi holding a plate up for bids and
telling the crowd at an event this month: ”You pay more than
$4,000, and I will show you a picture of my wife – on my phone –

Later, a man – presumably the top bidder – appears next to
Agassi. Hamming it up, Agassi motions to the man to relax and take
deep breaths. Agassi then shows his phone to the man, who mugs for
the cameras.

It’s not clear what picture – Graf as a newborn? – really was on
the phone, if there even was a photo at all.