Zach Bell walked away from this horrific crash. (Photo: FOX Sports)

walked away from this horrific crash. (Photo: FOX Sports)

Monster Energy is home to the biggest thrills, but also the biggest spills. When a rider goes down, they go down in a big way. Unfortunately, the 2013 season saw several riders slam hard.

Here’s a look back at the gnarliest crashes from this past season.

Zach Bell’s Crash At Dallas: While making his  250SX debut, GEICO Honda’s Zach Bell was leading his heat race when he suffered what many believe to be the worst crash of the season. While launching off a triple, Bell’s foot caught the peak of the jump which ejected him from the bike. His body flew through the air before slamming to the dirt-covered concrete. Miraculously, Bell would walk away under his own power, advance out of the LCQ and race in his first career Main Event.

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