pulled off the first flat ground to flat ground 360-degree barrel roll this past weekend in front of a live audience at a pre-race event in Ensenada, Mexico.

“The Wildman” used a specially designed two-part ramp to complete the feat. The first part was a launch ramp that sent the Pro 4 truck airborne, while the second part – only on the left side – initiated the barrel roll.

There was no landing ramp, setting it apart from when Rob Dyrdek did a barrel roll in a Chevy Sonic.

Steve Barlow – who helped Cenni prepare – stated that the “Madman” attempted the barrel roll into a tire pit 30-40 times and landed it flat ground to flat ground three times prior to the actual Baja 1000 event.

Cenni admitted that the practice helped, but at the end of the day, he just had to go for it.

“You just have to go for it. We did it into a tire pit but it’s never 100 percent so you have to keep working at it, then you just have to go for it.”

When asked what’s next, Cenni said: “A falling frontflip or a falling backflip.”

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