Blake Baggett (4) picked up his first of the season in Daytona, while teammate Adam Cianciarulo (46) finished second. (Photo: Monster Energy Kawasaki)

(4) picked up his first win of the season in , while teammate (46) finished second. (Photo: Monster Energy Kawasaki)

The Pro Circuit Kawasaki dominance continued in Daytona with the team’s second podium sweep of the season. With three different winners out east and a total of five different winners in the 250SX Class this season, Pro Circuit is entering uncharted territory for itself as a team as well as . Their East Region start has historic undertones and with his fourth consecutive top-two finish, the rookie Adam Cianciarulo continues to pace the Power Rankings this week.

Each week, The Power Rankings will recognize the movers and shakers in Monster Energy Supercross.

1. Adam Cianciarulo – Monster Energy/Pro Circuit/Kawasaki
(Last Week: 1 / No Change)
This kid just keeps living up to expectation. You can’t help but think that at some point he might bobble and make a mistake because of the pressure, but he just looks so composed and comfortable out there. It’s as though he has no idea what the magnitude of his accomplishments are. With results of 1-2-1-2 to start the season, he’s officially setting the standard for his teammates to keep up with.

2. Blake Baggett – Monster Energy/Pro Circuit/Kawasaki (Last Week: 4 / +2)
His ride in Daytona was so dominant that I had to put him second. That was the biggest statement we’ve seen this entire 250SX season, on either coast. Baggett and Daytona are a match made in heaven, but the big question will be what he can do with this newfound momentum.

3. – Monster Energy/Pro Circuit/Kawasaki (Last Week: 2 / -1)
It’s the first time this season that Davalos didn’t look like the rider to beat. He hasn’t traditionally been great in the rough stuff and is a much better technical rider, but it was interesting to hear him admit he wasn’t close to the level of his teammates at Daytona. With a return indoors in Detroit, we’ll see if the veteran can bounce back.

4. – GEICO Honda (Last Week: 3 / -1)
Bogle’s been solid all season, but he’s been almost unnoticed. You kind of get that sense with any other rider in the East Region not riding a Pro Circuit bike. Everyone else is that far off right now.

5. Blake Wharton – GEICO Honda (Last Week: 7 / +2)
Wharton rode the way you’d expect him to in Daytona. He was on it and actually kept pace with the PC guys for a while. If he keeps riding to his potential, he’d be my pick to possibly break up the green dominance out front. However, that seems like an incredibly daunting task.

6. Vince Friese – The Factory Metal Works Honda (Last Week: 5 / -1)
Friese didn’t have a great night in Daytona, but he laid down another top 10 effort. He’s been solid thus far and sits sixth in the standings thanks to his consistency.

7. Matt Bisceglia – GEICO Honda (Last Week: 10 / +3)
Bisceglia went out and proved his ride in Indy wasn’t a fluke with a strong seventh-place effort on a gnarly Daytona track. The rookie is starting to get comfortable and he’s riding well right now.

8. Kyle Cunningham – Smartop MotoConcepts Racing (Last Week: 9 / +1)
I still think Cunningham should be better than he’s been, but we haven’t even had a chance to see what he’s got because he’s yet to grab a good start. Given where he’s been starting and where he’s finished, it suggests he’s riding well, but you can’t give all these talented riders a head start like that.

9. Cole Thompson – Rockstar Energy Racing (Last Week: 6 / -3)
As bad as Daytona was for Thompson, he did great just to get back up to 13th after starting dead last in 22nd. Because of its sheer size and outdoorsy nature, Daytona really separates the field so catching riders from behind is tougher there than anywhere else. If it had happened in a stadium, Cole likely would have broke into the top 10.

10. Jeremy Martin – Yamalube/Star Racing Yamaha (Last Week: Not Ranked)
Even though it’s been a terrible start to his sophomore season, Martin’s lack of success hasn’t been due to a lack of effort. This is a talented young kid with a bright future and he finally got some positive results in Daytona with a sixth-place run. It’s time to start building some momentum for Martin.

Biggest Mover: Bisceglia (+3)
Biggest Drop: Thompson (-3)
Dropped Out: Jimmy Decotis (12th at Daytona)

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