IN THE COCKPIT- Jan Magnussen, Road America

Photo Credit: John Dagys

The end result at Road America was fantastic for the whole team, really. Both for manufacturer and driver points.

It wasn’t really from being fastest on track – It was all about good strategy and fantastic work from the crew in the pits that did an absolutely brilliant second pit stop. That moved us from 7th and 8th to 1st and 3rd, which became 1-2 shortly after.

During the pit stop, our refueling time was much shorter because we didn’t have to take a full tank of gas like most of the other guys. But that all played into the strategy we chose earlier.

For the guys to do super fast tire changes and to get us out ahead of everybody was absolutely key to having both cars on the podium.

Unfortunately, we couldn’t hold off the Viper, so we ended up 2nd and 3rd. But it was still a brilliant result for everyone at .

I think it was extremely close on fuel for everybody at the end and I think the last safety car saved a podium for everybody! I don’t know about the Viper, but we were very close.

In the championship, there’s now only a handful of points covering a bunch of us. Antonio and I in the No. 3 car are slowly closing in on the leaders. We’re six points back.

If we can keep scoring consistently like we have, things will go in our direction.

It would be the most fantastic way to end the with a championship win. It’s definitely something we’re aiming for.

Road America was special as the GRAND-AM series joined us for that weekend, as part of a preview for next year.

I think it was cool just how big the championship will be next year. It doesn’t take a lot of imagination to figure out there’s going to be a lot of traffic on track.

I’m glad we got to do it at Road America, one of the few places that could actually hold everybody. It was cool to see and I’m really looking forward to seeing the final outcome of how the categories will be and how many cars will be on the grid next year.

The next round for us is Baltimore, one of the tightest circuits we go to on the calendar. We’re going to try and stay out of trouble in Turn 1. We’ve had a lot of bad luck there.

I think this year, I’ll aim straight for the escape road… It seems like we end up there anyway!

In all seriousness, it’s street circuit racing and that’s part of it. You need to stay out of trouble.

Rule No. 1 is to stay off the walls. You really need to be sharp and also a little bit lucky because there is no room in the first corner at Baltimore.

Everyone almost comes to a standstill and suddenly you’re mixed up with other categories that you are not normally racing against. Stuff happens if you are not ready.

Back home, it’s an off weekend and then we have the biggest event of the year, the Grand Prix of Denmark.

I’ll be racing a Camaro there and it will be my first time back in the car since before Le Mans.

This used to be the one race that the international drivers would come and race. It’s grown a lot since then, with DTC and the Camaros and Mustangs. There will also be a F1 car doing some laps. It’s a big party.