Ross Brawn
May 6

Ferrari insider says Brawn spotted at Maranello

Former Ferrari and Mercedes team principal Ross Brawn seen prior the 2013 Japanese GP. (Photo: Toshifumi Kitamura/Getty Images)

Former and team principal seen prior the 2013 Japanese GP. (Photo: Toshifumi Kitamura/Getty Images)

Specialist Ferrari journalist and author Leo Turrini on Tuesday reports that Ross Brawn has this week been at Maranello and Fiorano.

Turrini, who, according to colleague Mathias Brunner, “knows everything when it comes to Ferrari” and recently predicted Stefano Domenicali’s departure, said the recently-retired former Mercedes boss was seen at the fabled Italian team’s headquarters and test circuit.

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Feb 3

F1: Former Mercedes Boss, Ross Brawn Announces Retirement

Ross Brawn, former Mercedes Team Principal, watches from the pitlane,  Feb 5, 2013. (Photo: Getty Images)

, former Team Principal, watches from the pitlane, Feb 5, 2013. (Photo: Getty Images)

Despite earlier saying he would consider his future during a sabbatical, Ross Brawn now insists he has definitively retired.

Having stepped down as Mercedes’ team boss, the famous 59-year-old has been heavily linked with McLaren and the great British team’s 2015 engine supplier Honda.

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Feb 1

F1: Ross Brawn Insists That He Has Retired

Former  Mercedes GP Team Principal Ross Brawn. (Photo: Getty Images)

Former GP Team Principal . (Photo: Getty Images)

Ross Brawn said Saturday that he’s retiring from – and insisted that he was not joking.

Brawn made the comments at a fishing event in Scotland, where he was invited to mark the traditional Feb. 1 opening of season on the River Dee

His comments would seem to put an end to speculation that he could return to the sport with McLaren or Honda.

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Nov 28

F1: Brawn Quits Mercedes, Hands Reins To Wolff And Lowe

Ross Brawn has called it quits at Mercedes. (Getty Images)

has called it quits at . (Getty Images)

Ross Brawn is to leave the Mercedes team on Dec. 31, handing the reins to Toto Wolff and Paddy Lowe.

The team said that the following “an extended period of open discussion between the team’s key stakeholder Ross has chosen to hand over the team leadership to Executive Director (Business) Toto Wolff and Executive Director (Technical) Paddy Lowe.”

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Nov 5

F1: Ross Brawn Believes Mercedes Is Improving

Mercedes GP Team Principal Ross Brawn

GP team principal attends a press conference at the Indian GP. (Photo: Getty Images)

Ross Brawn has stated Mercedes is making progress with the W04 despite not bringing any updates recently.

The team principal is adamant that performance has been found as the engineers have been able to refine a package that has remained consistent in terms of actual parts.

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