Pat Symonds
Aug 23

Symonds Focusing On Processes At Williams

 Pat Symonds, now with Williams. (Photo: Getty Images)

, now with . (Photo: Getty Images)

 New Williams chief technical officer Pat Symonds enjoyed his first day of track action with his new employer at today, as he begins the process of trying to help the team get back on track.

He says his priority is to look at how the organization operates.

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Aug 21

Williams Is A Great F1 Team, Says Symonds

Pastor Maldonado drives the Williams F1 car. (Photo: Getty Images)

drives the car. (Photo: Getty Images)

Having left his previous job at Marussia, started work as chief technical officer of earlier this week, and the former Benetton/Renault man now faces the difficult task of helping to turn the team around as heads into the new turbo era – one that will see a new partnership forged with Mercedes. Here’s an insightful Q&A with Symonds issued by the team on Aug. 21.

Q: You have recently been appointed chief technical officer of the Williams Team. What does this new challenge entail?

“Firstly, I think it’s a great team. The facilities are top class, we have a huge number of talented people and yet the results on the track are not a reflection of the quality we have. So I think my challenge is to analyze why this is happening, make the changes that are needed to empower the people and really get the focus in one direction: performance.”

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