Aug 29

Ducati Deny Hayden’s Request for Carbon Fiber

Ducati Deny Hayden's Request for Carbon Fiber

Ducati rider Nicky Hayden (Photo: Getty Images)

Ducati have rejected a dramatic request from American rider Nicky Hayden to bring the carbon fiber framed Desmosedici out of mothballs.

The request reflects the level of frustration as Ducati continue to spiral downwards as Japanese rivals Honda and Japan advance the rate of technical development.

Aug 29

Future Of Australian Grand Prix Discussions Continue

Future For Australian Grand Prix Discussions Continue

Photo: Getty Images

The conversation regarding the Australian Grand Prix has been ongoing for quite a while now. This debate has circled around the government’s investment or subsidization of the race, the local economy’s return on that investment and the value to the Australian population as a whole.

There is nothing inexpensive about Formula One. From the cars, the team operating expenses, the promoter sanctioning fees and even the tickets to the race. A weekend pass for the United States Grand Prix is $300 and when coupled with hotel and travel expenses, the average fan needs to factor that into their yearly budget very carefully given the current economy.