Ducati Deny Hayden's Request for Carbon Fiber

rider (Photo: Getty Images)

Ducati have rejected a dramatic request from American rider Nicky Hayden to bring the carbon fiber framed Desmosedici out of mothballs.

The request reflects the level of frustration as Ducati continue to spiral downwards as Japanese rivals Honda and Japan advance the rate of technical development.

Ducati jettisoned their F1-inspired carbon fiber Desmosedici late in the 2011 as superstar pushed for the more traditional twin-beam aluminium Japanese concept.

A return to the carbon fiber Desmosedici would take Ducati back two years.

Hayden, who leaves Ducati at the end of this season, revealed that Ducati had said no to his request in advance of Sunday’s British Grand Prix at Silverstone.

Over the past two races, Indianapolis (9th) and Brno (8th), Hayden has finished a combined 75 seconds behind race winner Marc Marquez on a factory Honda.

Hayden reflected that when he last rode the carbon fiber bike that he went “really fast” and experienced “much less ” understeer.

“We still talk a lot about that frame, the carbon frame had a lot of potential,” said Hayden who last rode the bike at a Jerez test in Spain a couple years ago.

“I never got close again to the same lap time that I set on that test (at Jerez), and it’s really frustrating.

“Often, we test stuff again that we’ve tested before and hasn’t worked, but I’ve asked for it back and they’ve said no.”

The aluminum-framed Desmosedici GP12 last year ended Ducati’s role as an innovator in bike racing with both the carbon fiber and steel trellis frames thrown¬† in the trash.

Australia’s Casey Stoner, the only rider to master the often brutal handing manners of the Desmosedici, won the 2007 world championship using Ducati’s trademark steel trellis frame.

Hayden claims that at the one-day test in Jerez where he rode the bike, he managed a 1’38.1 lap, a whole 1.5 seconds faster than his qualifying time from the Spanish Grand Prix at Jerez earlier this year.

Hayden insists that the carbon fiber material of the frame was not necessarily the real source Ducati’s chronic understeer problems.

Ducati again face the prospect that they will have little influence on Sunday’s where Honda riders Marc Marquez and Dani Pedrosa along with Yamaha’s Jorge Lorenzo are again expected to fight for the victory.

Ducati’s last grand prix victory was the Australia GP at Phillip Island in October 2010 when Stoner rod the carbon fiber Desmosedici.

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