15 June, 2012, West Allis, Wisconsin USA (c)2012, F. Peirce Williams LAT Photo USA

behind the wheel of an Indy Lights car in June, 2012, Milwaukee, Wis. (Photo: F. Peirce Williams/LAT Photographic)

INDIANAPOLIS – At one time the Indianapolis 500 was the pinnacle form of racing that race drivers in the United States Auto Club (USAC) aspired to achieve. Over the last three decades, however, the sport moved away from the American grassroots form of racing such as USAC Midgets, Sprints and Silver Crown to road racers from Europe and South America.

Bryan Clauson hopes to bring USAC back to the , beginning next season, when the three-time USAC National Driver’s Champion was announced as the driver for Jonathan Byrd’s Racing in 2015.

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